It is what it is – Learning from past mistakes

I hate that saying, I truly do, but tonight it applies.  It’s not like I can go back and change the outcome of tonight’s race.

I had mentioned earlier that I wanted to finish in 30 or fewer minutes, and based on Tuesday’s test run it was looking like I’d be able to.

It took me a while to speed up at the beginning, my Garmin was showing as high as 10:40 at first, but I knew the crowds would thin out and I could pick it up.  I noticed it as low as 9:13 shortly thereafter, so slowed it down because I was feeling like I couldn’t keep up that pace for 5k.

Anyway, who knew that you could hit a wall in a 5k race, but it happened.  Just before the 2.5k turn around (it was an out and back) I started to feel like I was going to hurl, I think I drank too much water all at once earlier. Oh, and so burning hot!  Not your typical “I’m running so I’m hot”, but “burning up feeling like I’m going to pass out now” hot.

Anyway, I didn’t pass out and I still had hopes of finishing in under 30 so I kept moving.  There were volunteers distributing cold wet sponges at the turn around and I shoved one (sponge, not volunteer) down my shirt in an attempt to cool down.  I learned that from a girl, she did the same thing with ice cubes once.  I know it sounds crazy, considering this is a 5k.  I’ve done half marathons, some of you have done marathons, and some of you have even run 100 freaking miles, but still I felt like I had just run at least 13.1 of them.

I didn’t want to irritate my stomach with any more liquid, so when I felt dehydrated I just kept squirting myself with my water bottle.  How very dramatic, I hope the photographer got a picture of that.

Anyway, my final time was 30:40 and Garmin said 30:12, which I’m not going to beat myself up over, I seriously gave it ALL I had tonight.

On the drive home I said the same thing to my friend who came out to watch me, and it got me thinking about how ridiculous these sentiments must sound to our non-runner friends:

“Oh man, I’m so bummed out it took me 30 minutes and 40 seconds to run 5 kilometeres, I wanted to run it in THIRTY minutes.”

I’m by no means discounting the running goals we set for ourselves, I still plan to achieve the one I’ve set, and then probably other ones I set after that.

But for now my goal is to go sleep for 8 hours.  Maybe even 8 hours and 40 seconds.

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