Garden and Patio Design and Ideas

Landscaping bushes can be easily integrated on your garden landscaping plans to provide benefits and at the same time add decoration to your front yard. There are different types of these landscaping bushes that you may want to implement on your garden designs. These decorative plants can reach different heights thus you may want to pick those that would be appropriate enough according to the different material you currently have on your garden. Mostly used kind for this purpose is evergreen yet you may still use other types some of which may produce flowers as well as fruits. The key to the ornamental function of these plants is to trim them down regularly. This not only preserves the use of the bushes but also the presentation that it adds to the overall appearance of the garden.

Different Varieties of Landscaping

One of the highly recommended kind of plant is the Golden Duranta or popularly known as Golden Dewdrop. This kind of decorative bush provides a light yellow color to your garden. If there is minimum amount of sunlight exposure on your place, the leaves of this plant turns dark green. It can bear fruits that look like berries when ripened. This is one of the low maintenance landscaping bushes since it can survive even if it is not watered for several days. If your bushes has grown much longer, you need to trim it down using a hedge trimmer.  You can learn more about which types of hedge trimmer you need here in this article.

If you want butterflies to fly around your garden, Ixora is the right kind of plant that you should choose for your garden. This plant produces colorful flowers that are most pleasing to pollinating insects. Most common varieties of this plant can bear light yellow and orange flowers. The Gold Lantana is also considered a great kind of plant to be used for landscape designs. The bright yellow flowers it can produce can appear all throughout the year. This may be very good for decorative purposes, yet this cannot be used for protective means because this plant only grows up to 3 feet maximum.

Using Patio Heater in Your Garden

The topic of patio heater is very controversial, many advocates of environment prohibits using patio heater. According to them, patio heaters uses lots of energy and emit carbon dioxide in the environment. But it is a very useful device in winter as it make your cold nights outdoors warm and enjoyable. Patio heaters raises the temperature in your patio by certain degrees and thus keep you warm even outdoors. There are different types of patio heaters available on the market and these include electric and propane powered patio heaters. Learn more about different options of patio heaters in UK here.


Benefits of Putting Bushes in your Garden

These shrubs are sturdy enough to be used as perimeter fence for your yard. These bushes also provide sufficient privacy and hedges for a particular location on your garden. Landscaping bushes that grow tall are good to be utilized as perimeter fences. Although these may not grow fast enough to provide you enough coverage, it can still provide necessary protection to your yard.

In using landscaping bushes to provide semi privacy, you need to select those kinds which grow tall enough to cover your home easily. Bushes that can grow up to 10 feet are suitable enough for this purpose. If you want shrubs that can be used as hedges, you should trim them down regularly in order for you to preserve the aesthetic look it provides for your garden.

You may also make use of landscaping bushes to give emphasis to a certain structure on your yard. For example, a water structure such as a fountain can look great if it is surrounded by decorative bushes. These landscaping plants can also provide necessary protection to keep away uninvited guests away from your home.

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