Cordless Screwdriver – an essential tool for every household

Cordless screwdriver is a type of screwdriver that makes use of a rechargeable battery and does not have an electrical cord attached to it. The battery is used to power the small electric motor that is connected to the main shaft. These types are equipped with a number of interchangeable bits that are of different head types along with a flat blade. There are a number of people who like working in their basements and house so they generally make use of best quality cordless screwdrivers so they can prevent hand exhaustion. If you are looking for more torque then these are an ideal hand tools for you as compared to standard screwdrivers.

Buying a cordless screw driver in 2019

In addition to the above factors, you should consider the size of the screwdriver as well. Look for the one that is easy to store and carry. It is also important that you look at the grip features, whether it is made up of rubber or plastic. The one made up of rubber grip offers better grip and is comfortable to use.

In contrast to the regular screwdrivers that utilize electricity for operation, most of the screwdrivers that are cordless use a battery. Thus, there is no need to plug and unplug every time you need to use the screwdriver. We are all very much aware of the effort involved in driving a screw. But with this electrical screwdriver, the stress and strain of the job gets cleared like nothing before. You will not experience soreness in your wrists, hands, forearm or the shoulder. This power-driven screwdriver makes the process painless for you.

Important feature of a Cordless Screwdriver is that it applies balanced pressure to the point of pressure to secure the screw. So, it offers you with quality function. There are many models that come in lightweight versions. While making a choice, you just need to place it into your hand to see if it fits well and you feel comfortable with the grip in holding it. If you have been looking to find a screwdriver that offers you with best functionality.

Best cordless screwdrivers in UK

This screwdriver has an automatic spindle lock to offer you better control. It comes with a forward and reverse switch with easy maneuvering. It also has a narrow nose piece to access the difficult-to-reach places. It works great specifically for assembling furniture, installation of blinds, and when a quick fix is needed around the house. The Jam pot construction of the model provides you with added durability. It is a high quality product from Panasonic that is known to maintain constant speed even under strain. It also does not overheat while performing drilling functions. It provides well-balanced drills. With good ergonomic design, it is very comfortable to use.


It is one of the top selling screwdrivers across the globe. It comes with light weight, is very easy to handle and offers a good power output. It comes with rechargeable batteries as well. It offers perfect solution for medium duty jobs. This battery-powered screwdriver comes with good torque output and provides superpower to do heavy duty jobs. It comes with variable working speed and reversing trigger switch for fastening and drilling into various materials. It comes with adjustable handle and a comfortable grip. Its improved control and versatility makes it a very useful piece of equipment.  It comes with an adjustable torque clutch for various jobs. It comes with LED lights that indicate battery recharge status. The wrist strap that comes with this screwdriver makes it an easy to carry device.

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